Bethel Supercross BMX

Welcome to the Bethel Supercross BMX fundraiser in partnership with Newtown's Maple Craft Foods, who will donate 30% of your purchases to help support the our track. That’s right, you and your gift recipients get to enjoy award-winning, local maple products, while helping raise funds for BMX Racing. It doesn’t get much sweeter than that

STEP 1: Click on the link below to shop
STEP 2: Choose discounted shipping, or free Newtown pick up option
STEP 3: Enter BMX as the fundraiser code at checkout, so Maple Craft Foods knows to donate 30% of the product cost to us (REMEMBER: YOU MUST ENTER BMX AS THE FUNDRAISER CODE AT CHECKOUT).
FINAL STEP: Enjoy your Maple Craft products….and our gratitude.

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