Q. What makes Maple Craft different/Why do your products taste so much better?

A. We are often asked what makes us different than our competitors, and why our products taste better. No other maple company employs or enjoys such a unique level of New England creativity, work ethic, ingenuity and expertise…and it shows.

We start with premium, never-blended, single/small batch maple syrup that is boiled traditionally, over an open flame, on a family farm in Vermont. All Maple Craft Syrups are Grade A Dark with Robust Taste.

We transform, flavor and package our products in partnership with experts at a non-profit in Massachusetts who are exclusively focused on New England agricultural & farm products, and our fulfillment centers and HQ are based in Connecticut

Store brands and other commodity syrups lower their prices by blending together different grades and colors of mass-produced syrup, in large processing facilities. Syrups offered by most large specialty maple companies are flash-cooked quickly at high temperatures in huge steam-powered factories, robbing it of the rich, complex taste and deep full bodied caramel color that Maple Craft Syrups achieves from being boiling it traditionally, over an open flame. As such, the quality and taste of our award-winning products are unmatched.

Our support for community volunteers and non-profits working to make life safer, healthier and sweeter is also unmatched, as is our commitment to customer service and satisfaction. 

We invite you to experience our premium, uniquely New England maple products for yourself.

Q. What is Maple Craft?

A. /māpəlkraft/

  • noun - an activity involving skill in making maple things
  • verb - to exercise skill in making something with maple.

From tapping the trees, to boiling sap traditionally in small batches; From barrel aging, to bottling, labeling and wax dipping; Maple Crafters do everything by hand..and you can taste the difference. Click here to watch The Craft.     

Q. Why is Maple Syrup better than processed sweeteners?
A. With just 2/3 the sucrose of sugar, more calcium than milk, more potassium than bananas and 65+ important antioxidants, this unprocessed, locally harvested sweetener is a must-have sweetener for the pantry.

Q. Where can I taste Maple Craft products?
A. We hold tastings at numerous events, festivals and retailers. Please follow us on Facebook and check the events page there for details.

Q. Where can I buy Maple Craft products?
A. We are available in over 1,000 retail stores nationwide. Find one near you with the Store Locator in the "Discover" section of our website (and call first to make sure they have the specific product(s) you seek in stock, or Shop Online Now.

Q. How long do Maple Craft Syrups stay fresh?
A. We print a three-year best buy date on our bottles, but Maple Syrup will stay fresh indefinitely if kept sealed. Once opened, the bottle should be stored in the refrigerator for best results.

Q. How do I remove the wax to open the bottle?
A. No need to remove the wax. Just give the waxed top a nice firm twist. It will snap open, and the top is resealable.

Q. How much maple sap is needed to make one gallon of maple syrup?
A. It takes approximately 40-50 gallon of sap, to make 1 gallon of maple syrup.

Q. Your Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup is “award-winning.” What does that mean?
A. Our Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup was voted the #1 sweetener in the most recent specialty foods competition sponsored by the Connecticut Food Association. The panel of food critics and celebrity chefs said it wasn’t even close! It’s that good because of the high quality maple syrup that we start with, the ‘freshness’ of our locally sourced bourbon barrels, and our unique ‘double-barreled’ aging process where some of our barrels have been returned to the distillery so they could be refilled with bourbon for another six months, before we fill them with syrup again.

Q. Is there alcohol in your Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrups?
A. While there may be trace amounts of alcohol still soaked into the oak barrels where our syrup is aged, it would be miniscule (less than 1% by volume) and cooks out during the hot-pack bottling process. We are confident in declaring this to be a family-friendly product, as evidenced by the fact that our own children enjoy dipping their chicken nuggets in it instead of ketchup! You’ll notice that unlike some of the other brands, there is no alcohol ‘burn’ on the way down