Our Mission

Maple Craft Foods’ ultimate mission is to help families Make Life Sweet…a goal that can never fully be realized without first feeling safe. It’s been years since our community experienced the unthinkable here in Sandy Hook, and like other communities impacted by gun violence, our healing process is interrupted, and wounds are reopened with each new shooting.

We continue to help local partners, friends, employees and community transform tragedy into positive change, and we are also proud to join with the famed Ellen’s Restaurant in Dallas, TX, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and countless other socially conscious businesses who actively support efforts to reverse the growing gun violence epidemic.

We also support racial equity initiatives because throughout our efforts to better understand gun violence, it has become clear that systematic racisim is also the root cause of social issues like obesity, malnutrition and food insecurity. These are all issues we care deeply about, and are on working to change. 

Like the way Ellen’s honors Dallas police officers who were shot and killed near their restaurant, we will be honoring the lives taken here in Sandy Hook, and elsewhere, by donating a portion of our sales to gun violence prevention and food insecurity initiatives. Please click here to shop and support.

Our Values

Maple Craft Foods is also making our turn-key “Make Life Sweet” fundraising program available to local and national volunteers and advocates including PTO/PTA’s, scouting troops, gun violence prevention, survivor, school, religious, student, civic and other groups to help raise the money needed to bring about positive social change in our communities. Please click here to learn more and contact us about running a turn-key fundraiser.

As an American company selling American-made products, we fully support the constitution. But with more American children being shot and killed in our streets and in our schools than members of our military who’ve been killed on the battlefield, and with more people of color suffering from food insecurity, malnutrittion and obesity than anyone else, complacency by elected and corporate leaders must end. Thoughts and prayers are nice. But actions speak louder than words. So, please join us in our support of volunteers working to make life a little safer, and a little sweeter, for everyone, with every ounce of maple syrup that we sell. Please click here to shop and support.

Thank you,

The Ackerts, and the extended Maple Craft Foods family.

Proud recipients of the 2019 Family-owned Business Award,
from the Fairfield and Westchester County Business Journals