Fresh Challah (Perfect for French Toast)
Fresh Challah (Perfect for French Toast)

Fresh Challah (Perfect for French Toast)

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Home-delivery add-on ($25.00 minimum total purchase required):  This delicious challah is baked locally at the Blue Colony Diner in Sandy Hook, overnight on Mondays, and shipped on Tues./Wed. Unless your order is placed by 9pm on Monday it will not ship until the next week. *Expedited shipping charge applies (not qualified for free shipping). Allow 48-72 hours if picking up in Newtown.

French toast is one of the best comfort foods to soak up your favorite Maple Craft Syrup, and there is no better bread for making French toast at home than challah, (aka braided egg bread). Simply soak thick slices of 3-4 day-old challah in eggs that have been beaten with a little Salted Caramel Maple Craft Syrup, and fry in butter, margarine or oil in a skillet until golden brown. Yum!! Challah is baked to order.

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